Dance Form


Origin - ( African - American in 1813)
  • first American jazz dancer was Joe Frisco (1910).
  • choreographers from modern and ballet dance worlds experimented with the jazz dance style. choreographers - George Balanchine | Agnes de mile | jack cole | Hanya Holm.
Revolution of jazz

In the 1940s brought a revolution of jazz dance increasing its demand for studio instruction and causing it to the rival the popularity of classical ballet. jazz began to appear more and more not only vaudeville let but also in Broadway shows and musical comedies.

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz was developed by Bob Fosse. his workpiece shows such as Chicago and Cabaret.

In 1950
  • Jazz Was profoundly enhanced by the Caribbean and other La Dance Style. Introduced by Katherine Dunham. Isolation introduced by Katherine Dunham.
  • Barre Exercise/isolation / Jazz walks Across the floor. Katherine dance company { Katherine - June -22-1909 / May-21-2006}
  • In 1950 - Jazz Was the main style of both dance and music.
  • New Dance began to form such as cakewalk/charleston and lindy hop Techniques - Jazz slide/barrel turn / battlements / soutenue / head rolls and pas de bourree turn ( Fundamental basic technique )
  • Arm styling moves in jazz dance/catch step ( slide steps jump and Join ) Vegas style /runaway/jazz step combination/jazz dance turns ( pivot turns) triplet turns ( pas de bourree turn )
Basics of jazz dance
  • Jazz Square
  • Isolation
  • Chasse( chasing steps ) Ballet tradition.
  • Jazz LayOut ( Straight Kick High up in the air)
  • Jazz Walk
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