Dance Form


Origin - ( In 1970)
Hip- Hop influenced the style of jazz dance called "jazz-funk"
In 1970's - uprock/breaking ( the Bronx- NY)/ funk style
Hip-Hop Culture - Breaking, Locking and popping
In 1972 - uprock created top rock in Brooklyn in NY
  • Breaking developed in new york
  • Other style were being created in California

Funk Style it refers to street dance style created in California(1970) Such as roboting/bopping/hitting/locking/bustin/popping/electro boogaloo/strutting/sa-ing and dime stopping.

Locking - 1969 LA, California by don campbellock crew- the lockers

Popping - 1970 Fresno, California by Samuel. "Boogaloo Sam" Solomon crew - electric boogaloos.

Technique - floating/gliding and sliding.

Tutting - The Art Of ancient Egypt Reference to King Tut.

Popping Is also known as animation/liquid, tutting etc.

Hip - hop Dance instruction Classes started by Buddha Stretch in 1989 at Broadway dance center(NY)

MOHH - Monster Of Hip Hop
UDC - Urban Dance Camp
YAK - Yoram Savion And Kash Grimes

Hip-hop Dance Classes In South Delhi