Welcome to Genesis

About The Dance Studio

Genesis dance studio & performing Arts was established in the year 2015. Mr. Andrew Dungel is the Director and founder of genesis Dance studio. He is trained in Various dance form.
GDS is highly acclaimed studio with international studios in the globe, where quality done education is provided. Studio infrastructure is professional & where classes are conducted in a very professional way in a very affordable price in Delhi.
GDS provides all styles of dance style such as:
1. Hip hop
2. Bollywood
3. Jazz
4. Contemporary
5. Salsa
6. Semiclassical
7. Funk style
8. Bhangra
9. Belly
10. Folk dance
11. Flemenco
12. Breaking.

Classes are divided into three levels:
level 1- (Beginners)
Level 2 - ( Intermediate)
Level 3 - ( Advance)
GDS also organise dance shows every year where all students are given chance to perform on stage. We do conduct summer camp dance workshops every year with national and international faculties. GDS is also coming up with many branches across Delhi.
Our class Schedule:-
There are classes for regular Students for 5 days.
Three days a week.
Twice a week.
Weekend classes are also available.
Centre remains open for 7 days.

We also provide Wedding choreography service across Delhi / NCR.our packages are different according to the demand of our client.
There are different wedding choreography packages such as:
1) Platinum: We chereo for all the family members according to the theme & design the classes according to the concept of the wedding event. Where we provides professional dancers along costumes during event. ( prep. For bride/ groom/ uncle/aunties/kids/ladies / Friends etc).
2) Gold: This packages are fixed with the nos. Of choreography be done amoung the family members. Sometimes choreography might go max to 6 medleys. We do not provide any dancers for this package. Moreover class schedule are also fixed from the Day one of your classes.
3) Silver: this package are only for those who requires only two or three Dance preparation for any of the wedding event. Here, we deal only with you for classes (Max 4 classes).

GDS also have other section 'Fitnation' related to fitness, where you can make yourself Fit and Slim.
which is is designed for an athletic body figure.we provide various functional programme for fitness lover.Our services includes_
Weight Training
Floor cardio
Bollyactive etc.
a) Weight loss
B) Inches loss
C) Fit body
D) Body building
E) Increase Strength
F)Gain flexibility
Our studio has different workout Zone for all functional.We have seperate Studio for our workout services.Fitnation is open for 6 days from monday to saturday.Studio opens up from morning 6am to 10 pm.Studio also runs different shifts as per the workout schedule,we do not have any gap in between our working time.We have certified Trainers from Ace,Reebok,etc. We also provide Steam service and diet plan for our membership client.Our services are one of the best services provided in south Delhi.If you think you looking for a Gym to get back to your fitzone than Think of Fitnation, you will get 101% result.Our studio is the only studio where we provide all the functional workout in South Delhi.